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Available works

The Museum has decided to cease operations by December 2018 and is looking for a buyer. The collections of the Museum of Holography of New York were acquired by MIT in 1993. After the cessation of activity of the Museum of Holography in Paris, it will be the only Museum of Holography open to the public. It would be a pity if the collections left France, the cradle of the image, where photography and cinema were invented.

Do not let this unique collection escape you!

You are passionate about the Image, the Art, the technologies, you are attached to the Patrimony, you are a collector. The 80/90 years represent the golden age of holography. These holograms will never be produced any more: "too expensive, too complicated". The days of pioneers and ambitions are over. Should we resign ourselves to letting this collection be dispersed or to go abroad and to have as holograms only those of credit cards and banknotes or 3D projections that have holographic only the name? You can acquire this collection in whole or in part, whose richness and diversity allow several simultaneous exhibitions. So please do not hesitate to contact :